a harp with teeth that's drooling & crying


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echoes, mirrors, klein bottles, centipedes of time,wreaths/wraithes, you can't yawn against gravity, recurring dream of the black wolf, only connecting, suffocation, hot cracked bloody knuckles, my foot steps for you, umbilical chords, the german mystery clock, litost, streammembers, satango, space rituals, nisolation, extra-terrestrial takeover, a bee's dreams


released September 23, 2014

Recorded and Produced by Dane Waters and Warren Gray
Mixed by Warren Gray
Mastered by Carl Saff
(c) + (p) Albtraummusik



all rights reserved


DANE WATERS Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: First State
Those ghosts swim all around the ink black walls
And weave the strain of themselves into the very fiber
of the bubble
Stretching the barrier out and into the shapes of flowing plastic
they are revealed as extrusions of pure delight
Soaped with love seed and gleaming bright
penetrable black, molecular morning
a clean dissolution of the structure
and a return to that first state of buzzing nothing…
which cannot constrain within it even the smallest
of a bee’s desires
Track Name: Black Wolf Waltz
I will not move the bones
though broken years and broken tones
of blood and flesh and trumpets sing
of lifelike dreams of
of rings all quenched in the early buds
of an accident….
waiting, waiting to happen
in your throat which is tight
your throat is tight and
can’t suffer the thumbs of love
and can’t suffer the thumbs of love
Track Name: Bog Girl
I see you are taking my teeth
you are not the first curse you have company
take my hair but leave my noose in place
take my hair but leave my noose in place
though i was cold and groaning
now I am whole and floating
Red leather lips breathing brown peat
from every pore my seed a spore
in my hair a sprang and my heart
a hope that you will find me
Track Name: Living Death
Oozing notes like oil
stars shooting mortal coil
this is what i know of you

the shaking branch the dove just left
the shifting form that takes my breath
enchanted drowning voice unheard of

you make me sick
as i strain to hear
the sound outside of time
o mother, o father, o child

making me forget my name
freeing me from my shame
this is what you gave to me

o living death
i wanna claw you
till there’s nothing left
o mother, o father o child
Track Name: 7 Billion People
7 billion people standing still
not one dares breathe hard

7 billion people standing still
to hear the new leader

what will it say when it starts to speak?
will we go deaf, or perish
under the new rules?

the silence is loud but
then comes a sound:
it’s voice a sea
bursts our eardrums

but our eyes can’t even weep
there are no tears of sadness

transfiguration is complete
it is a triumph, a triumph
Track Name: Blooming Tendril
This blooming tendril I give to you
I will not cut it from the earth
but leave it grow, a rooted creed.
For the blood it flows as sure as
the stars do shine
on a love most pure.
Track Name: Failure
You make me feel like a failure.
No, you can’t make me feel like a failure.
I may be guilty, but I’m still alive
and I will block you from my life
You’ll still be there
But I won’t care
My eyes will only offer you
a robotic stare
My scars may be ugly
but they’re all mine
I followed you because
of the way you walked
but that’s just not enough.
Track Name: Vom verwundeten knaben
Es wollt' ein Mädchen früh aufstehn
Und in den grünen Wald spazieren gehn.

Und als sie nun in den grünen Wald kam,
Da fand sie einen [verwund'ten]1 Knab'n.

Der Knab', der war von Blut so rot,
Und als sie sich verwandt, war er schon tot.

"Wo krieg' ich nun zwei Leidfräulein,
Die mein fein's Lieb zu Grabe wein'n?

Wo krieg' ich nun sechs Reuterknab'n,
Die mein fein's Lieb zu Grabe trag'n?

Wie lang' soll ich denn trauern geh'n?
Bis alle Wasser zusammengeh'n?

Ja, alle Wasser gehn nicht zusamm'n,
So wird mein Trauern kein Ende ha’n.
Track Name: Twin
Leaving one's mind, solitude, time
trying to climb out of the grime.
the demon within is one with the sin
but how do I cleave
the life from the twin?

Your love is so deep
it flows through my sleep
how do I keep
the self far from me?
The arm is within
it’s more than my kin
it chokes me at night
but can’t touch your light
Track Name: Ode to Parallel
The stars were there for you
the mirror does not lie
you were so bold to try…
I seem to draw the strangest parallels
between you and me, between you and me.
Though the lines were not drawn by my hand
carbon dating indicates that they are
billions and billions of light years, light years old and new.
You are the demon, you are the child
I beg you to release me from the sentence
of my hating self, my loving self, both.